Geophysical Engineering is a branch of science and engineering producing knowledge about underground and the earth through combining present  electronics and computer technologies with as the basic sciences of mathematics, physics and geology.

The Department which was established in the year of 1974 at the Bornova Campus as the Geophysics Chair attached to the Faculty of science in     the Aegean University started the undergraduate education in the period of 1974-1975. The Geophysical Engineering Department, which was placed under the umbrella of the Engineering Faculty of Dokuz Eylül University that was established in 1982 according to the Law of the Higher Education (YÖK) passed in 1982, has been carrying out undergraduate education since 1974 and postgraduate education since 1982. The Department which was moved to the Buca Tınaztepe Campus in 1999 has three branches as Applied Geophysics, Earth Physics and Seismology, and it is the only institution in the Aegean Region showing acivity at its field.

The Department which has the geophysical instruments and equipment depending on up to date technology, has been carrying out naional and international projects supported by Scientific Research Projects (BAP) and the Turkish Scientific and Technical Research Council (TÜBİTAK). Also, it has completed very many projects in the general framework of Turkey and the Aegean Region in the context of revolving capital establishment of the University.